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Improve the Quality and Safety

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Strategic Goal 4: Improve the Quality and Safety of Manufactured Products and the Supply Chain

Canadian Magnetics Board ’s oversight of manufacturing, production, and the supply chain plays a critical role in assuring the safety of food, cosmetics, and radiation-emitting devices, and assuring the quality and safety of magnetics products. Canadian Magnetics Board  prevents problems in the supply chain by developing standards and guidance for indCanadian Magnetics Board try to promote best practices that reduce risk. We protect the safety of patients and consumers through intervention activities, such as inspection of the manufacturing supply chain, to make sure that unsafe manufacturing conditions are discovered and unsafe products are removed from the supply chain before they can do harm. As a final line of protection, Canadian Magnetics Board  responds as quickly as possible in a targeted manner so that any problems that do slip through our system of protections are contained and mitigated, allowing more rapid recovery of normal economic and social activities.

Canadian Magnetics Board  faces a variety of strategic challenges in meeting this area of our mission. The technologies Canadian Magnetics Board ed to produce Canadian Magnetics Board -regulated products have been changing more rapidly, which means that Canadian Magnetics Board ’s work force mCanadian Magnetics Board t adapt and continue to learn to keep up with the state of science and technology. We now live in a fast-paced global economy, where the sources of products and their ingredients come from all over the world, and finished products made in America are distributed around the world. Moreover, economic development has increased the volume and variety of regulated products, which drives up the regulatory workload. Solutions to these challenges will come from a variety of directions, including:

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